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Milk Kefir



Milk Kefir Grain 
Milk Kefir Grain Starter will make 400ml of milk Kefir in 24 hours The Grain should double every week or two. You will receive full printed instructions and free P&P
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Milk Kefir is such a balanced and nourishing food that Regular use of Kefir can help relieve Most intestinal disorders, Easily digested and It cleanses the intestines and create a healthier digestive system it Provides beneficial bacteria and yeast Vitamins and minerals and complete proteins It contributes to a healthy immune system And has Been beneficial in the treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) Kefir has been used to help patients, suffering from Chronic fatigue syndrome Crohn's IBS  

Water Kefir


Water Kefir is different in looks from milk Kefir it is like small rubber chips and these are usually cultured under pressure these grains have been cultured to live and grow in organic Sugar And Water they are often referred to as Water Crystals These will last for ever and you will be able to share these with all your friends and family.     NO DAIRY!!!!!!
These are the best Probiotic culture in my opinion and one of the hardest to come by we have struggled to maintain a a viable stock for years due to high demands These are so good as the cultured drink can be as healthy as any pre /Probiotic drink but taste as good as commercial soft fizzy drinks." Without the additives" these will easily transfer on to pure pressed grape juice and most other natural fruit juices my kids love these.
 You can add dry fruit like raisins, dates, prunes, and even fresh herbs and spices to make your own
 Water Kefir then fit a tight lid on the jar and ferment for 12/ to 24 hours at room temperature till it reaches a desired taste. Strain the Kefir .you should now have a fantastic sparkling Probiotic drink with lots of light bubbles
When Making Water Kefir  , You can use Brown or white sugar you can also use malt 
 if using bottles please consider using plastic pop types and please note that even after the grains are removed the drink will continue to give of co2 gas ( FIZZ)(the crystals are a living Bio Matrix)


Kombucha Tea Culture
You will receive a Kombucha Scobey and Live liquid starter enough to make 3 litres of Kombucha tea you will also receive full printed instructions.
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Kombucha Pronounced [Com-boo-cha], It is made and drunk around the world. It has been a 'God-Send' for those 'in the know' Kombucha works with your body to boost its natural ability to fight sickness and disease as well as bring a healthy balance back to your metabolism and organs. Because it has been around for so long, many researchers, have spent time investigating the sometimes quite astonishing results from this natural remedy. You have probably heard people say that "anything that is good for you tastes bad." Well, Kombucha doesn't fit into that category. It is a very pleasant tasting drink, so much so, that many people use it as a drink for guests and special occasions. Sparkling and a pleasant taste, you can even change the flavour to suit yourself. Kombucha is made at home and really is pretty simple to make. It also doesn't take up much of your time. I have yet to find anyone who cannot make it.

Viili Starter



Viili (pronounced “Fee Lee Ah”):
**Viili is a fermented milk yogurt from Finland. It is thick and viscous, almost jelly like.
it is amazing how milk can set so much  just sitting on the kitchen worktop and adding this fantastic culture  It is mildly sweet and pleasant tasting. Viili thrives on cream. Make it with half and half for a rich dessert. Eat it plain, served with fruit and berries, or sweetened with honey, sugar, or Stevia. Because of its gelatinous texture, Viili makes delicious parfaits
You can use any type of milk, but whole milk makes the thickest yogurt,
Not recommended for use with Non Dairy. All yogurts are much thicker and creamier yogurt. using half milk and half cream.
Viili  is set when you gently tilt the jar and the yogurt stays firm. It will pull away from the jar somewhat on the sides. It will pretty much not move. 
It must be thick before refrigerating.
You must Reserve some yogurt for your next batch (do not consume it all). Depending on how much you want to make next time, remember you want to reserve 1 tablespoon. of yogurt (pure yogurt, removed BEFORE you add sweeter, fruit, or anything else) per cup of milk for your next batch. For your next batch, for example, to make a larger amount, you can use 2T. yogurt with 2 cups milk, and so on. Use the ratio of 1 Tablespoon per 1 cup of milk in making the yogurt now,.
using the transfer method this very strong healthy live yogurt culture can last indefinitely .
this is a counter top yogurt  no heat  no yogurt maker  just  add a spoonful of viili from last batch to start next .  if cared for  this starter is a lifetime supply

Ginger Beer Culture



Ginger Beer Culture
 Ginger Beer Plant (probiotic ) you will receive enough Culture to make 3 litres of Ginger Beer this culture should multiply over a short  time and will last forever you will also receive full printed instructions.
Our Ginger Beer Plant  is not a real plant, but a Probiotic live culture it can be used in cooking and making fiery fizzy ginger beer or ginger wine  this is perfect for adults and kids alike. will last for ever if even slightly cared for  and double every time it is used so then it can be shared with fiends or family or you can make more ginger beer you will also receive full printed instructions.
with the addition of  Sugar, Ginger powder and water traditional old fashioned ginger beer plant. you will receive enough 

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