The Kefir Shop

The Kefir Shop


About Us

Who are we 🌸

  The Kefir shop has been supplying  Kefir and Kombucha for over 20 years now.

We pride our self on our continued commitment to the service we provide.  
We sell live health cultures and related products these are all organically grown by us our live cultures are grown using the best organic ingredients. 
In the beginning I gladly Shared my excess cultures  for nothing more than postage cost but Soon demand and larger production methods  involved me taking a more commercial approach to meet demand.
The Kefirshop is a small farmhouse industry and we do strive to keep our prices at a minimum sustainable amount

Please let us know if you find any discrepancies on our web site and if you have any ideas on what you think would make visiting our site a better experience. 

As a shop we don't stock a vast range of products this type of business is very limited and we prefer to concentrate on the few things that matter 

As much as i enjoy helping my customers i have been informed of late that i can no longer offer any advice at all of a medical nature. 

i cant even offer my opinion an any medical matter. 

I Don't offer any support for people using nut or rice milk or any other product that is not animal milk or sugar water in the case of water Kefir. 

We Always love to here form our customers and friends we appreciate any testimonials or information about how our produce helped you. 

We always appreciate any input good or bad that would help us to improve the service we give.

Please Read My terms before making a purchase as this is agreed at time of purchase this would be a great help  thanks