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The Kefir Shop



 Terms and conditions of sale

  • Due to the nature of the produce we sell we do not accept returns once out of our control these cannot be reused nor restocked.
  • The live cultures we sell are naturally occurring organic cultures used for many hundreds of years around the world. These are used to ferment and culture Milk or sugar. In 22 years selling these we have never had anyone have any ill effects reported.We must assume that  anyone buying our cultures has done there own research. And understands the implications of consuming any cultured food.
  • Anyone with medical issues that could be affected by the consumption of fermented food should consult a medical professional before doing so. 
  • All goods sold on our site are sold AS IS. we make no promises nor guarantee you will like the taste smell or look of the culture you receive. We do not run a try before you buy system. Please be aware these cultures are in there natural state they have not been altered to make them more marketable. Please do you research before making a purchase as it is not my desire to have customers unhappy with there purchase. 
  • I cannot offer any medical claims regarding the consumption of milk kefir. 
  • Please be aware that due to the nature of these cultures the way the culture milk and sugar water the results can vary. This is due to the differences in there rearing environment and the ingredients used.  This can cause a difference in the taste and behaviour of your new culture compared to a you may have had in the past or a cultures bought from different supplier. it will usually take around 4 weeks of you're usual culturing method to condition you purchase to the kefir you are used to. 
  • Once cultures are sold we take these from a larger healthy culture this culture is checked for viability on a regular basis it is packed in food safe packing and sent first class. It is a foregoing conclusion if the packing remains sealed and is received within 7 days from postage the culture is still healthy and viable. Once opened the culture is in the custody and control of the customers. I will not be held responsible for the condition of the grains after this point.
  • Please be aware these cultures may require an adjustment period of up to a week you must stick with it. As like a transplanted plant the need time to adjust to there new environment although most will be 100% fine straight out of the packing please allow this time before getting concerned patience is usually the answer to most issues. 
  • Our cultures have been grown and packed in a Nut seafood and latex free environment please be aware that you don't consume the culture you receive. You consume the ingredients you ferment. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that use of any our products is safe to do so.
  • We will replace any purchase that is supplied in error. Arrives in a damaged unusable condition. Or that has taken more than 7 day to reach you. We post Monday to Friday all our packages fit through a standard letterbox these are sent Royal Mail first class. We will only replace lost packages sent using recorded delivery upgrade. Orders over £30 will be sent with free recorded delivery upgrade. 
  • Please be an informed consumer as this avoids disappoint. I would always prefer a happy customer

  •  It is presumed that these terms are read understood and accepted before making any purchase from the Kefirshop   Now that's out the way we do hope you visit our shop