Recent updates


 We are now placing a £25 limit On individual purchases this will be at our discretion Due to scammers and thief’s. Using loopholes to steal from our little shop


WATER KEFIR. Selling now after a restocking break we have good stock levels of water kefir large grains. These are available from our shop today 


We have good stock of fast growing large milk kefir grains so we are giving our valued customers 20% for free  


 We have been getting great reviews regarding the use of Graham's Gold range of jersey cow milk available in most supermarkets. I have tried using this am I have to say although not organic it is a high quality rich milk that makes superb Milk Kefir. Far betters hand any store bought organic Milk.

This produces milk kefir on par with raw jersey cow milk. If you don't require organic milk. I would strongly recommend this. The grains I used went straight in to this without any issue

More info on there site here.


 We have begun updating the Kefirshop website at long last. This is to ensure the site is compatible and user friendly across the many mobile platforms available