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 Make your own yogurt and health drinks and fiery Ginger beer
Welcome to Kefirshop UK
 We have had to close our little shop for the next 4 weeks due to a family matter we are very sorry for this inconvenience.
Counter Top Yogurt Cultures
these culture dairy Milk at room temperature!
No special heating !  
These are ..Matsoni Caspian sea Yogurt,
 Viili Yogurt From Finland,
 Fil Mjolk Yogurt from Sweden,
Piima Yogurt from Scandinavia
now stocking 4 different room temperature yogurts
Ginger Beer culture
We have been getting asked if the Ginger Beer culture
we sell is the recently rediscovered Ginger Beer Plant, like the one granny used to use. The answer is yes We sell both types.
We sell a ginger culture which can be used for baking and brewing ginger beer it will divide and grow in the same way as The original Ginger Beer Plant.  We Also sell The original Ginger Beer Plant We call it Water Kefir and with the addition of ginger root or powder to the water Kefir and sugar you will be able to make your own traditional ginger beer. with all the Probiotic benefits.
Live Organic Cultures
-Milk Kefir Grains -
-Water Kefir -
-Kombucha -
-Assorted Room Temp Yogurts-
-Ginger Beer Culture -
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Dry Organic Produce
Dry Ginger powder - Elderberries -Dry Green Tea - Nettles Chopped
Peppermint Chopped-Ginkgo Bilob -Chamomile Heads-Lemon Grass -Rose Hips -Echinacea Root Dry - St Johns Wart-Eucalyptus Leaves -Gotu Kola- Alfalfa

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